The threat of Bailiffs and court warrants, along with my money problems and rejected benefit applications, has left me in a constant state of anxiety and questioning my sanity.

Without Stuarts help I would never have been able to deal with my issues. He is meticulous, diligent and very knowledgeable. I was able to provide details of all my problems and between us we were able to agree a plan of action.

After every storm there is a rainbow.

Mr J

I would like to share my appreciation of the Rainbow Money Advice service; I was in a predicament with my finances and needed some help and guidance.

 Stuart kindly and clearly broke down my problem, worked with me to identify my options and create action points. My worries were lessened and my problem more manageable with the knowledge that the service was there to help me through.

  I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is worried about making the first step in finding support in dealing with money problems – this service really makes a difference.  

Mr H.